Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I enjoyed this first installment of CON. Sherrilyn Kenyon has convinced me with her talent. She was able to keep me wrapped up in the world she created for Nick. Be it adult romance or young adult fantasy, she's built a solid foundation with intriguing creatures.

Nick is a 14 years old and dirt poor. His Mom is a stripper and they eat substituted food like powdered eggs. I am not sure if Nick feels bad about his home situation because his his attitude is so acidic at times. I'll sting you, before you burn me.

When the inevitable paranormal antics ensue, Nick's seems almost blase'. To be fair Sherrilyn Kenyon writes the scenes with an air of humor. Revealing the enemy as something of interest instead of crap your pants horror. Nick's reaction is very 21st century teen. His crush on Nekoda will be something to look out for.

The plot of Infinity varies from Nick being introduced to Kyrian, to him fighting supernatural creatures and having NO idea there are others right beside him fighting along with him. Ash makes an appearance for all you DH fans =D

In all it is worth investing in this series if your a fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon/Dark Hunters. It is fun seeing the Dark Hunters from Nick's POV, because its all new to him. Also non-Dark Hunter fans you don't have to read the Dark Hunters series to enjoy CON but I highly recommend you get intimate with Kyrian and Ash at the very least, and any other main characters introduced in the CON series. WARNING: The Dark Hunters series in meant for adults and has adult content.

*********************************PLOT/SPOILER ALERT*******************
Nick himself is a powerful being that even Ash is concerned about. The reason there will be 10 books in this series, I'm guessing, is because Nick has 10 lessons to learn to hone his skills. 'Uncle Ambrose' warns him about holding a grudge. Remember what happens between Ash and Nick? I was getting chills when Ambrose was trying hard to break that hold over Nick's heart to want revenge for what happened to Nick at 14

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